8k resolution for Digital Signage is already available on the market. Sharp showed an impressive 240″ 8k video wall at their Infocomm stand. At the DSS Europe in Frankfurt, Japanese manufacturers will present new 8k series devices. But what does this new display standard actually mean for Digital Signage?

The signals are clear: 8k is no longer something from the future, but a reality. As could be seen recently in Vegas; Sharp, Samsung, LG and NEC will all soon have professional 8K displays on the market. The driver of 8k is certainly not Digital Signage, but the upcoming Summer Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo – the first time that a global event will be completely transmitted in 8k.

The display industry is planning a massive expansion of its 10.5 generation production capacity, making low-cost production of 65″ and 75″ 8k display panels for LCD and OLED possible for the first time. The capacity of 10th generation plants will grow from 8 million square meters (2017) to at least 75 million square meters in 2022.

According to Insight Media, sales of 8k displays are expected to increase from 100,000 in 2018 to 5.8 million in 2022. Most of these, of course, primarily represent TV sets. But with Digital Signage panels running on the same band as TVs, 8k will also be the de facto standard for professional displays.

Given the fact that the Digital Signage industry is currently still busy with the adaptation of 4k, are considerations for 8k Digital Signage ecosystems only something to be discussed in the future? We don’t believe that integrators can ignore the topic. 8k will play a role in the first premium projects as early as 2019. The first large-format display sizes will be available exclusively in 8k by 2020 at the latest.


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