Matthias Clostermann is founder of Seewindow and head of several companies in the areas of digital content creation and robotics. At DSS Europe 2018, he will present ‘Digital Environments – Breaking the walls. Don`t advertise, emotionalise!’

In the Digital Environment, stories should be initially created for the viewer, as opposed to the brand.  In an environment where information (especially of the unsolicited kind) is everywhere, the key is no longer just about spreading even more information or brand messages, it’s about raising true interest. Marketers must engage the viewer, getting him or her out of their selective perception and cut through the white noise of a myriad of messages.

This is especially true in DooH, where advertisers compete very hard for the attention of the consumer. If they do not give the customer something valuable in return for that new kind of currency – for example an enjoyable moment, a good laugh or an interesting insight – the consumer will not ‘spend’ limited resource of selective perception on the advertiser’s message.

Drawing on a number of examples – ranging from small to larger and complex installations – Clostermann will shed a light on how the principle or ‘entertainment first’ approach with digital tools can be applied in retail and hospitality. All of these installations use the ‘Seewindow’ principle of not only creating special content, but also incorporating media as a natural part of the environment, instead of just putting up screens.

Clostermann’s work has been driven by a desire to design not simply entertainment, but wholistic experiences. His themed installations combine digital storytelling with physical sceneries and animatronics.

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