Menu boards are nothing short of dispensable in the restaurant industry. Whether McDonalds, Burger King or KFC – almost all Quick Service Restaurants are welcoming their guests digitally and dynamically.

However, the ‘In-store Customer Journey’ usually starts much earlier with displays at the entrance or drive through and – increasingly – also at order terminals. Invidis went to experience McDonalds’ latest offering at a refurbished McDonalds in downtown Munich.

The reinvention of the McDonalds restaurant concept throughout Europe has been nothing short of remarkable. Whereas once big counters dominated the kitchen, today order terminals greet the customers at the entrance to the restaurant. The formerly dominant counter with large backlit menu boards has now been replaced by order desks. The menus are displayed on portrait screens with subtle dark backgrounds.

Every few minutes the screens turn into a digital canvas, with promotional content extending across all screens in full format (see also invidis report McDonalds Vienna). Storytelling at the fast food counter – formerly unthinkable! To meet the legal requirements, a side-mounted separate display is used to display calorie information.

In addition to the changes at the order counter and the menu boards, most tables have been upgraded with sockets for charging mobile phones. In front of the entrance, outdoor high-brightness displays advertise the daily offers to customers. A total of 20 large format displays were installed in the store – eight of them in the order terminals.

The fact that new business opportunities are arising as a result of advances in Digital Signage technology is undeniable in the QSR branch. These include dynamic menus with streamlined menu offerings to serve guests at peak times, dynamic prices, inventory and weather information.

Digital storytelling and optimised functional order processing in Quick Service Restaurants are also key topics of discussion at DSS Europe 2018 on 4-5 July at Frankfurt Airport.

Peter Critchley (Beaver Group UK) will give insights into globally successful menu board concepts at the DSS Europe on 5 July as part of the “Rise Of Experience Platforms” panel. Beaver Group is a global expert in fully integrated QSR concepts.


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