At the Digital Signage Summit Europe (DSSE) 2019 in Munich, the industry came together to discuss the latest opportunities and challenges. The opening keynote speech gave some indications as to the first topics for discussion.

For the opening keynote at DSS Europe 2019, ‘Ready to Accelerate – Consolidation in the Digital Signage Industry’, Florian Rotberg, Managing Director of invidis consulting GmbH and Stefan Schieker, Partner at invidis consulting, presented the most important market trends and current market figures.

The market for large format displays (LFD, >32″) grew by 18% (YoY), reaching a total value of €14.6 billion in 2018. In the EMEA market, YoY growth was up comparatively less at 14%.

With 5.6 million units sold worldwide in 2018, global YoY sales increased by 21% compared with the previous year. In the EMEA on the other hand, the region experienced YoY growth of 12%, thanks to a total of 1.2 million units sold in 2018.

The three DACH countries account for 16% of the total EMEA market (YoY: + 13%), followed closely by the UK and Ireland, which represent 14% (YoY: + 3%). The Nordic countries – Scandinavia and the Baltic States – rank third, accounting for 12% of the market (YoY: + 13%).

In Germany, the ‘Digitalpakt Bildung’ should continue to play a major role in pushing the industry forward. The 5G network auction in 2019 should also bring about a number of positive changes for the industry. What’s more, according to Rotberg, the federal government’s digitalisation plans could generate up to €1 billion in funds for the Digital Signage industry.

Outside the EMEA, companies involved in pro AV can also hope for a number of positive effects. For example, although the trade agreement between the EU and the Mercosur states permanently suspends core members Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela, associated members such as Chile, Peru and Colombia constitute a large market of approximately 800 million people. Through the considerable facilitation of commercial transactions, companies within the sector could be able to better participate in a variety of ways, for example, by participating in public tenders.