Udo Schendel
Jost von Brandis
Udo Schendel is managing partner at Weischer.Media and CEO of Jost von Brandis, one of the leading agencies in the field of out-of-home communications in Germany. In this position, he oversees the development of the agency and transforms the business from traditional media towards a data driven, digital out-of-home and mobile communication company. After his studies as a master of marketing and communication in Frankfurt, his great love for books led him towards a career in publishing houses, publishing agencies and for Börsenverein des deutschen Buchhandels e.V., the top-level organisation for publishing and bookstores in Germany. In 1993, Udo started to work in the field of out-of-home, firstly for Deutsche Städte Medien and then for Jost von Brandis. Udo has a deep understanding and experience in the fields of media strategy, planning, sales, innovation and research.
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