Roel Pennings
CS Digital Media
Director Operations
Roel Pennings has a strong background in digitisation and roll-out for outdoor environments, starting in the early days of large scale digital networks with the first media-funded network for McDonald’s Netherlands in 2004. After this, he was involved in building and merging large company-owned networks, including the Amsterdam RAI convention centre and Heineken. This led to a full market consolidation in 2010, which saw Roel and CS Digital Media make the first move into high-end outdoor environments, such as public transport. In 2013, he led the collaboration with the Shell global innovations team, setting the objective for digitising the petrol forecourt and taking on the task for global implementation and product management of the Shell CIS (Customer Interactive System) product. This, the largest out-of-home network ever, is currently entering the next stage of deployment. The new network is directly connected to new business markets, such as programmatic and connected car, cementing Roel’s involvement in the future of out-of-home.
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