Digital Signage Summit Europe 2017

Niklas Reiners
Designer M.A. / Lighting Design
Since serving his apprenticeship to become an architectural draftsman at the Planungsgruppe MWM, Niklas Reiners has worked on a number of award-winning urban lighting concepts, such as the holistic re-lighting of Rietberg’s historic town centre. During his studies at the Peter Behrens School of Art, he developed several photographic series and scenographic artworks that are exhibited in museums, like the German Museum of Nature Protection and the Technical Museum Barth. Niklas now works for Ansorg as the Light Application Manager, developing innovative concepts for retail lighting.

Session with this speaker

July 5 | 14:00-14:25 | Digital Signage Summit Europe 2017 | Digital Signage & Retail Experiences, Room 14 B
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