Digital Signage Summit Europe 2017

Linda Ralph
Mood Media
VP Premier Sales International
Linda Ralph has spent over 20 years in the field of in-store media and customer experience. She has a broad understanding of how to help brands better engage with their consumers, and in the deployment of complex and innovative digital solutions in the retail, leisure and hospitality markets. As VP Premier Sales, Linda and her teams of highly experienced account directors are responsible for delivering unrivalled brand experiences that will delight customers to over 350 international brands across more than 110,000 commercial locations worldwide. With an extensive background in music, digital media technologies, software, scent and the seamless integration of those components, Linda and the Mood teams have delivered some of the most dynamic and engaging experiences in the market. Linda is currently completing an MBA and has a strategic, detailed and systematic approach to management. She is adept in fostering good relationships at all levels and is driven to deliver beyond expectations.

Session with this speaker

July 5 | 10:30-11:00 | Digital Signage Summit Europe 2017 | Plenary Sessions, Room 14 B
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