Dina Townsend
RMG Networks
Vice President, Retail Practice Leader
A 20+ year veteran delivering and designing technology solutions, Dina guides brands through the process of creating and enhancing the customer experience in retail environments. Using digital concepts, she helps clients innovate, strategize, and sell beyond their competition. Previously based in the Silicon Valley, Dina has worked with companies at all stages from start up to public entities, sorting through clients’ complex processes and disparate applications to assemble efficient, mission-critical solutions in large scale enterprise ecosystems. As a former columnist, she understands the importance of blending experience and expertise with expansive resources and a sense of humor, for effective and enduring outcomes. Dina believes retail, whether it is selling into the sector or selling to customers, is about exceptional storytelling. She operates on the principle that our collective goal is to lead customers to a mutually beneficial conclusion that meets their needs, respects their proficiency, and cements their confidence that getting there was their own idea.  
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