July 6 | 15:00-15:25 | Digital Signage Summit Europe 2017 | DooH & Smart Cities, Room 14 A
Electronic Paper And Smart City Digital Signage Case Studies: Sydney, London And Boston
Session Location
14 A
Solar-powered digital signage is a significant element of smart city projects, as it provides real-time transit, wayfinding and security information to citizens, without the need for expensive roadworks and installations. Electronic paper is emerging as the new disruptive technology in this case, promising sunlight visibility and low energy consumption. With larger screen sizes and expected volume production, the business case is clear. At the same time, several challenges remain, like sensitivity to external factors and uncertainties of largescale deployments without proven reference cases. Several innovative smart cities are piloting this technology. Visionect, as the leading technology provider for e-paper signage, has been involved in 95% of global pilot projects, including: Sydney, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Pittsburgh and London. Some of these pilots faced several challenges, while others have been running 24/7 with zero failures for the last three years. In this session, Jaka will present the insights and learnings from these pilots and provide specific recommendations from proof of concept to largescale deployments.
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