July 5 | 16:30-16:55 | Digital Signage Summit Europe 2017 | DooH & Smart Cities, Room 14 A
DooH XXL - How To Create Unique Brand Experiences With Creative And Unique Display Formats
Session Location
14 A
Urbansite creates unique brand experiences in smart cites. Either with large scale media façades or by exclusive design for digital installations in the air space of public buildings, which have very high fire protection requirements. The aim is an integration of the digital performance and its direct spatial environment. The form and scale of outside installations always follows the nature and proportions of the architecture and town construction. The inside installations have the character of media sculptures, which are adding value to their space and environment. Thus, the viewer is approached on an emotional level, which increases media impact. This approach and requirement includes smart content management - in order to match the market demands of standardised formats, the installations are equipped with a creative and automatised real-time adaptation service. Furthermore, interactions will be possible.
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