July 6 | 15:30-15:55 | Digital Signage Summit Europe 2017 | DooH & Smart Cities, Room 14 A
Digital Ambient Media: Smart Advertising In Smart City
Session Location
14 A
The BillboardVideo Group of companies offers an innovative intelligent, data-driven, Digital Signage platform that provides the integrated DooH solution for a smart city and smart retailers. It improves the efficiency of the city ecosystem by integrating and broadcasting the right information in the right places at the right time. Based on the network of outdoor digital LED media boards platform, the solution provides commercial and social advertising, city traffic navigation and current public information. The system automatically collects, processes and broadcasts the city information in real-time on media boards, along with interactive advertising content. Adaptive, centralised, remote management means content can be updated very quickly. Video analytics collects relevant data in real-time, enabling truly measurable advertising. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, the advanced media broadcasting effectively attracts the attention of the target audience. These benefits ensure highly efficient advertising and prompt return on investment, which has made media boards the number one choice for many prominent companies when creating branded signage. The pilot project was successfully launched in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 2014, and currently involves a centrally controlled network of 60 media boards.
BillboardVideo Group
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