How technology is impacting the customer-retailer relationship

How technology is impacting the customer-retailer relationship

Touchwindow’s work at IKEA ELNÒS SHOPPING in Brescia, Italy, has transformed its target audience from passive viewers to engaged participants. Interactive directories, relax touch tables, children’s stations and interactive areas, video walls and touch walls with games, and a complex Digital Signage system make IKEA ELNÒS SHOPPING a truly interactive experience.

At DSS Europe 2017, the company’s Technical Strategist Ambassador, Daniele Tomè, will present ‘Touchwindow for IKEA: How Technology has changed the consumer-retailer relationship and how stores must become media’. Daniele will explain how Touchwindow has developed new digital communication strategies for IKEA and how it can create and personalise hardware and software solutions to create a successful connection between retailers and customers.

Touchwindow develops custom interactive engagement solutions, combining different media in a global omnichannel strategy. This involves social, mobile, Digital Signage, games and interactivity in a mix of marketing and communications.

As Technical Strategist Ambassador, Daniele oversees all aspects of technology and installation for a range of projects, including those in retail, showrooms and museums. In his time at Touchwindow, he has led multiple initiatives, including designing and developing new products, and the implementation of Touchviewer – a multi-touch and multi-user media management software platform.

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