Florian Rotberg

Rotberg to keynote Smart Cities and Retail Technology tracks

Exploring the value of data and digital retail evolution

Conference Chairman Florian Rotberg will present keynote addresses for both the Smart Cities and Retail Technology conference tracks taking place respectively on the 5th and 6th of July at DSS Europe.

Rotberg is recognised as one the world’s leading experts on Digital Signage and DooH and heads up invidis consulting, one of the two partners in the Digital Signage Summit series of international events. On both days there will be simultaneous conference tracks taking place which will cover DooH on the 5th and Digital Signage on the 6th July.

Tackling Smart Cities first Rotberg will explore, ‘Data:- the essence of smart cities’. According to Rotberg, ‘sharing is caring’ doesn’t only imply to interpersonal relationships but is also the base for successful smart city concepts. He will explain that all stake-holders – citizens, businesses and government – need to benefit from smart city initiatives for them to be to be successful. Smart lighting, traffic management and cross-modal transportation are just some of the solutions enabled by smart city data.

On the following day Rotberg’s focus will turn to kick starting the Retail Technology Track with a presentation entitled, ‘Blending the experiential with the transactional’. Here, he will look specifically at how Digital Signage has become commodity with the market increasingly looking for more spectacular, dynamic and experiential digital retail concepts.

Rotberg will show how story telling at the PoS aims to deliver experiences unique to brick-and-mortar retail. In contrast, he will show how the online experience provides dynamic pricing, a virtually unlimited product range and instant availability. As such, it offers the benchmark for stationary retail transactions. Meeting this challenge, says Rotberg, is a tough ask for the clear majority of high street retailers. But, he says, by creating unique experiences that blend with the transactional process there is the promise of a successful outcome for the brick and mortar retail sector.

The invidis keynote will also present global trends and drivers of the industry. In addition, delegates will gain exclusive insights into one of retails most talked about concepts – The Village.