Reaching the consumer on the move with programmatic technology

Reaching the consumer on the move with programmatic technology

MyAdbooker has integrated its programmatic targeting platform with Shell on the energy company’s new Smart Fuel pump platform, Customer Interactive System (CIS), which was developed by CS Digital Media. MyAdbooker’s Head of Programmatic, Sebastian Op het Veld, and CS Digital Media’s Director Operations, Roel Pennings, will team up at DSS Europe to discuss the collaboration that has resulted in the largest ever out-of-home network to date.

Just beyond programmatic media, the world of IoT and data have made it possible to support the customer – on a one-to-one basis – in making assisted economic decisions in daily life. This has had the largest impact on the consumer on the move. It can recognise personal profiles and vehicle information at the pump. The data is packaged and sent as a ‘cookie’ to any media exchange for personal media targeting or car-related information, service offers and software updates or recalls.

On top of the media exchange, the fuel exchange has been created to offer relevant price or loyalty offers to vehicles in the neighbourhood. Connected car platforms operate their own SSP through which the request for fuel is received from the connected car. The SSP ejects it to the fuel exchange and receives fuel offers from ‘DSP fuel retailers’. What will be next? Myadbooker and CS Digital Media believe that programmatic technology will be wide spread in daily life to make the intelligent world even smarter.

Roel Pennings has a strong background in digitisation and roll-out for outdoor environments, starting in the early days of large scale digital networks with the first media-funded network for McDonald’s Netherlands in 2004. In 2013, he led the collaboration with the Shell global innovations team, setting the objective for digitising the petrol forecourt and taking on the task for global implementation and product management of the Shell CIS product.

Sebastian Op het Veld is a leading player in the exploration and realisation of online campaigns in out-of-home. MyAdbooker provides real time media ERP consoles between buyers and publishers, to enable targeting of outdoor inventory by online real-time demand side platforms. Sebastian oversees MyAdbooker’s programmatic campaigns and works with supply and demand to understand, innovate and mature the programmatic out-of-home product.

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