Panel to explore how consolidation is driving growth

Why small companies are thinking big…

One of the highlights of DSS Europe are the panel sessions hosted by the Summit chairman Florian Rotberg. In a 30-minute session entitled ‘Driving Consolidation – taking Digital Signage to the next professional level’, Rotberg will explore this issue with expert input from Paul von Schubert, CEO, Gundlach SEEN MEDIA, Lars Palsson, CEO, MiltiQ and Leif Liljebrunn, CEO, ZetaDisplay.

The discussion will tackle how the Digital Signage market has entered a new phase of industry consolidation as international projects become larger and more complex. This is causing customers to opt for larger, financially stronger business partners. This, in turn, has helped fuel a period of consolidation in the Digital Signage industry, with global and regional players being built through mergers and acquisitions.

Stratacache has made the headlines with various acquisitions, including that of Scala, while two Scandinavian companies – MultiQ and Zeta Display – have acquired various companies in the Nordics and beyond. In Germany, family owned business Gundlach is driving consolidation while Acer, the Taiwanese IT giant, is gaining market access by acquiring digital signage integrators and DooH network operators.

The round table brings together experts to discuss this phenomenon and will provide an exciting look into the future of Digital Signage from a global perspective.

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