Insights into a true omnichannel experience from ICA

Sweden’s largest food retail chain, ICA, is also known for its innovative marketing – the obvious example being its commercials featuring ICA Stig. The concept of short sketches was ground-breaking when the commercials started in 2002.

So, too, is the ICA Marketing Transformation Programme, one of ICA’s largest IT investments in its 100-year history. During the presentation, ‘The ICA Group definition and visualisation of true omnichannel experience’, ICA’s Head of Next Generation Marketing, Frederik Holmvik, will provide insights into the omnichannel definition and what capabilities ICA is developing within the programme.

The programme, which has been defined by and combined with the wider needs of the ICA Marketing department, will transition the company from traditional ways of working to a more agile approach.

Frederik is a senior executive with a strong retail background, having held roles at Unilever and Accenture before joining ICA. He is now the Head of ICA Media and has managed ICA’s instore media channel since its launch in 2009. Frederik is responsible for all areas, including concept, design, content generation, ad sales and financing.

ICA Media’s role at ICA is to deliver ICA supplier (A-brands) collaboration within ICA’s own, bought or earned media. The objective is to deliver ICA store sales and consumer loyalty in combination with relevant financing of ICA media investments.

Fredrik also heads up ICA’s project ‘ICA Next Generation Marketing’, which has been designed to ensure that ICA’s outstanding Swedish marketing presence remains strong within a rapidly changing digital development.

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