Human interaction is the key to retail success

In a Plenary session at DSS Europe entitled ‘Global retail drivers’, Sabine Krieg, the Global Head of Segment Retail for furniture retailer Vitra, will explore how people are changing the way they live, work and shop.

According to Krieg, this is particularly noticeable in the current development of cities and shopping zones. The classic product display is evolving into a multi-faceted shopping experience, in which digital elements play a growing role.

Her presentation will reveal that it is not enough to simply incorporate instore digital technology. Digitisation at the point of sale, she believes, only achieves its goals by withdrawing to the background, keeping the focus on the customer experience and, of course, by increasing store productivity.

In the face of online competitors, the brick-and-mortar concept must also offer added value: excellent service, expert assistance, a multi-sensory environment and – above all – human interaction.

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