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Discover how Google Chrome helped Toyota scale up

It’s no secret that the internet has transformed how people buy cars – a recent Toyota study shows that an increasing number of people research online before visiting a retailer. In fact, the study found that most people purchase a car after visiting only one showroom.

With this in mind, at DSS Europe, Valon Rexhepi, Fourcast, Business Development Manager, will show how Toyota Motor Europe set out to create a more engaging customer experience by extending the customers’ digital journeys into the showroom by connecting online browsing with viewing Toyota cars in person.

Utilising Google Chrome for Signage, Toyota deployed 10,000 screens across 3,000 showrooms in Europe which are currently being used by 100,000 customers and sales staff every month.

In his presentation entitled, How Toyota Scaled from 1 to 10,000 Screens with Google Chrome for Signage, Rexhepi will demonstrate how Google Chrome can scale up when it comes to deploying, building and delivering end-to-end solutions without users having to be overly concerned about infrastructure or reliability.

Rexhepi is a co-founder of Fourcast, a premium Google Cloud Partner headquartered in Brussels and with offices in Vienna and London. It specialises in providing Google Cloud solutions and helping enterprises innovate by matching the different elements of Google Cloud to a customer’s specific needs.

Currently holding one of the largest Chrome Digital Signage deployments worldwide, Valon believes that machine learning technologies will drastically impact the way that the world will consume the digital signage solutions.