CHG Meridian

CHG-MERIDIAN set to share its secrets

Why is the Digital Signage market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland not as large as it is in Asia or the USA? What are the show-stoppers for big projects and what are the pain points for customers? What do we have to do to boost the market?

These are just some of the questions that Sebastian Trabold, Head of Digital Signage Solutions, CHG-MERIDIAN, will be looking to answer in his presentation at DSS Europe. Entitled, ‘Mixing up the Digital Signage market – four hidden secrets for a scalable and flexible Digital Signage solution’, Trabold will share with delegates his experience and expertise on new business solutions for the digital signage marketplace.

Trabold holds a master’s degree on computer science and has previously worked at CHG-MERIDIAN on the company’s technology and service management platform TESMA, before taking up his new position at the beginning of 2017.

CHG-MERIDIAN operates in the areas of IT, industry, and healthcare. Since 1979, it has worked with its customers to reduce workload, costs and risks, by providing customised technology concepts and associated financing.

The company offers a end-to-end service package from a single source. Customers rely on its comprehensive interdisciplinary advice, which covers all technical and commercial aspects. It has nearly 1,000 employees, at 36 locations in 23 countries.