APGSGA GOR BestPracticeAward 2017

Beacons showing the way in out of home advertising research

Christof Hotz to present ‘Innovative out of home advertising research with beacons’

The speaker line-up for DSS Europe 2017’s market-leading conference programme has been bolstered with the addition of APG|SGA’s Head of Market Research, Christof Hotz.

Hotz will present ‘Innovative out of home advertising research with beacons’, which will explore LINK Institute and APG|SGA’s innovative research project into using beacon technology to measure contacts with out of home advertising. The project evaluated whether using beacons is an effective method of measuring the impact of out of home advertising campaigns.

The study was set up in Berne, Germany, where specifically chosen poster campaigns were equipped with beacons. More than 500 participants living in this area were recruited to install the LINK Move app on their smartphone. The app received the beacon signal and registered the contacts with the beacons and the campaigns. At the end of each campaign, all participants were invited to complete a short questionnaire.

This innovative approach worked very well. During his DSS Europe session, Hotz will discuss how the study found that the measured reach and contact frequencies with the tested campaigns are plausible and explain why this type of insight is an effective approach to better understanding the impact of out of home advertising campaigns.

Hotz has been working in the field of marketing and outdoor market research with APG|SGA, Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG for the last 20 years. As director of the PPI Poster Performance Index, he analysed more than 1,500 Swiss national and regional outdoor campaigns. These tracking studies gathered a huge amount of performance and effectiveness data for outdoor branding and storytelling, providing a solid basis for understanding the impact of outdoor campaigning in Switzerland.