Trending Topics 2022

Digital Signage Business Critical
Since the advent of digital signage, connected visual solutions were mostly nice to have but rarely business case or even business-critical. As digital signage concepts progressed with more data-driven applications, use cases became more important for customers. Only the latest generation of DS have evolved to business criticalness – airports terminals or QSR restaurants need to close when screens are off. Digital Signage Gen4 has become critical for more and more industries. DSS Europe will focus on business-critical use-cases and how they are changing business and system requirements.

Green Signage
The impact of climate change is increasingly influencing procurement decisions. Western societies are lobbying for change, yet progress on curbing global emissions is too slow. Digital Signage installations produce 80% of the carbon footprint during the 5-7 years of operations. Successful climate action is needed building on the adoption of energy-saving hardware, more sustainable operating concepts and most importantly, more awareness. To win the race to net-zero for humanity DSS Europe will focus on best practices and on identifying levers to reduce the environmental impact.

The new role of platforms
Digital Signage CMS where once not more than a tool kit for integrators to create digital signage experiences. Less than 5% of the typical project budget was spent on perpetual software licenses. Fast forward to 2022 – and experience platforms are entering a new phase. Digital Poster concepts are being replaced by Digital (Signage) Experience Platforms and software is becoming a strategic lock-in. DSS Europe will analyze the latest trends, will present movers and shakers in the industry and discuss the impact on signage 4.0.

Strategies shaping the Future – Be part of the consolidation or find your niche
A relevant part of the maturing process of the industry is consolidation. The industry is moving from regional to pan-European market players. This process is mainly driven by customers expecting their suppliers to be large and financially stable enough to manage global rollouts. The largest integrators in Europe are approaching EUR 100m in revenues – still almost 10x smaller than their North American counterparts. On the other hand, the software market is even more fragmented with hundreds of different CMS. Why does scale matter for software providers in DS? Develop and maintain SW platforms (not CMS), Clients need counterparts that are financially stable and that can offer dedicated teams for their increasingly large and business-critical projects and diversification.

Innovators and Disruptors
The idea of integrators assembling instead of sourcing their own hardware was the laughingstock with many in the industry. A pandemic, supply chain bottlenecks, and a war in Europe later, the concept of Just-in-Time plus Just-in-Case is winning fans by the minute. The numerous current crises are most likely not the end of globalization but are a turning point for procurement strategies. Invidis will discuss at DSS Europe why Stratacache has chosen to manufacture close to home, why large end-customers are designing and ordering custom-made displays and how start-ups and innovators are changing the industry with fresh new ideas. The panel discussions will not be limited to hardware but also innovations in software, business models, and technology.

Data and Analytics after the first hype
Data is a game-changer for many businesses all the way from personalizing experiences and offerings, over-optimizing processes or prices, to enabling completely new business models. As a tech-driven industry the first approaches by digital signage companies were driven by sensors and new AI applications – a big hype, but with limited business success. Today many market players realized simply collecting data is worth nothing without the right insights and processes in place. For example, micro-segmentation is great in theory, but if an advertiser is not able to automatically create hundreds of micro-targeted creatives to address different audiences, he will be left with traditional segmentation like age, gender, or broad preferences. DSS Europe will present and discuss real-life use cases and opportunities/limitations of today’s data and analytics technologies.

Digital Signage Best Practice
The highlights of every DSS conference are best practice presentations and panel discussions. invidis is providing insights into some of the world’s most exciting digital signage, digital immersive experiences and projects merging physical, online and mobile. Real end-users on stage with invidis experts – digital signage unfiltered. Beyond retail DSS Europe will also offer best practices from manufacturing, logistics and office. But digital signage is more than technology – successful digital signage concepts are an integral part of an orchestrated customer and employee journey. Digital Architects present at DSS Europe the secrets of successful customer journey designs.

Retail Media – The billion Euros advertising game
The triumph of retail media is unstoppable in e-commerce; since the pandemic, retailers have also been generating substantial in-store DooH revenues with trade and brand marketing for the first time. A new market segment in which not only the leading DooH-platform Broadsign operates successfully, but also many retail tech start-ups. In principle, there are two options for retailers – either outsource advertising rights to DooH media owners or retain control and take over marketing themselves. With the breakthrough of retail media on retailers‘ e-commerce platforms in recent months, there is not only a general understanding of the business model but increasingly expertise already in-house. DSS Europe will host presentations and panel discussions with some of the leaders in Retail Media.

Programmatic DooH
Despite a tough time through the pandemic, DooH is building to become a big advertising player once again. In fact, DooH-growth is outpacing Online in 2022, super-charged by programmatic. As shopping and transit footfall is returning to pre-pandemic numbers and digital tech opens up new budgets, the media channel is having a bright future. The main drivers of DooH are the surge in digital technology, the role of dynamic digital content, Ad-tech improvements and the search for big campaign creatives. DSS Europe will feature shakers and movers of the programmatic DooH market discussing trends and drivers.