The Lounge is the new interactive DSS space for innovators and disruptors. Get hands-on experience with some of the leading digital experience designers and technologies.

invidis Executive Briefing (invitation only)

  • The digital signage industry is consolidating fast. Cross-border M&A activities are picking up, the digital signage value-chain is changing as more end-to-end integrators are established. In addition, multi-billion IT-integrators are entering the market. The invidis Executive Briefing gives exclusive insights into recent M&A deals, as well as analysis strategies of the big players and exclusive data. Participation is limited and by invitation only.

Smart Retail: Smart lighting concepts for today’s fitting rooms

  • The right use of LED-lighting moves the needle in smart fitting rooms. Lighting scenarios that automatically adapt create unique experiences that are fully digital. For many reasons, smart mirrors won’t save brick and mortar apparel retail. This workshop will present how smart lighting concepts offer exceptional experiences. A must attend session.

Global Market Outlook

  • Futuresource and invidis offer exclusive insights into the global digital signage market. This workshop offers analysis about display trends, changes in customer demands and regional differences.

Digital Signage ROI – Optimal decision making through AI

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables the digital signage industry to analyse existing installation and site surveys for future projects using a regular smartphone. New deep-learning based tools generate opportunities to see metrics by simulating the behaviour of hundreds of thousands of consumers. This session will offer fascinating insights into measuring the effect of content and display positioning.

Digital Signage ROI – Choosing the right sensors

  • More than 60 different types of standard sensors are available for analytics. This workshop will give insights in what to measure, where to measure and with which sensor technology. invidis and partners have tested sensors and technology platforms in real life projects. Learn from the experts about what works and what doesn’t.

Olfactory (Scent) Marketing Workshop

  • More and more retailers are integrating olfactory marketing alongside visual touch points and instore sound. But how do you choose the right diffusor solution? Which scent triggers which emotions? And how do you mix your corporate perfume? This is a hands-on workshop by Barcelona-based, Akewuele – a sensorial communication company that is dedicated to communicating with fragrance to set spaces and to arouse emotions.

XR: Virtual Reality Experiences – between sales and entertainment

  • Downtown Dubai markets itself as the centre of ‘wow’ – it’s hard to imagine somewhere having more experiences per square kilometre. Dubai resident and VR-experience creator, Ibrahim Bakhrani, gives fascinating insights into some of Dubai’s most popular VR-experiences in and around Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

Gaze Tracking and AI: Reading your customers minds

  • Finding the right product becomes increasingly difficult for consumers in a world of abundance. Customers that are browsing, who can only vaguely describe to an assistant what they are looking for or get lost in the filter columns of websites, become victims of the paradox of choice phenomenon. Now imagine you could learn what your customers like simply by looking them in the eyes.

Flow Analysis: Capturing data in retail, office and public spaces

  • Advances in image recognition technology in combination with smartphones in every consumers hand or pocket has made consumer tracking easier than ever before. Counting, heat maps, facial gender, age, and mood recognition are offered from a wide range of companies, large and small. However, investment barriers for cameras remain high, and making sense of the statistical data is still an unsolved issue within many organisations. Learn from a company that takes a fresh, mobile phone-based technology approach about what you can learn from a combination of statistical and flow data.

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