Large-format Digital Signage displays are something of a well established standard. However, in addition to large format displays, smaller displays in the immediate vicinity of goods can be particularly useful in ushering in effective buying impulses. Tablets, ESLs or LED? Storytelling at the shelfedge is the new Digital Signage competence. 

Ipads, ugly cables, high-end display solutions or LED strips on the shelf edge – there have been countless attempts to integrate digital touch-points into the PoS. While the demand is undeniable, more often than not, such attempts fail to deliver in their conceptual and technical implementation. Which concepts bring added value to the customer? Are voice control systems via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant changing customer interaction?

Most widely used are electronic shelf labels – despite that fact that exclusive use of dynamic pricing is not used for most trading groups. Beyond food (invidis report) and electronics, market conditions do not justify the investment in an ESL infrastructure (invidis comment). The next big market for ESLs is the fashion industry – with providers hoping for billions in sales with the breakthrough of the fashion ESL. In contrast to food or electronics, fashion ESLs are attached directly to items of clothing and are also supposed to fulfil security and logistics functions.

Whether ESL, tablet or mini signage – brands are looking for digital platforms that allow storytelling within the immediate vicinity of the goods on offer. Although paper and cardboard are often used today (see Interspar Austria), the industry is looking for ways to show dynamic information such as moving images.

At DSS Europe 2018 (Panel on 4/4, 2pm), ESL global leader SES Imagotag, retail system pioneer Vitra, and Vizona’s shop fitters will discuss ‘storytelling at the shelfedge’: what roles do small displays play – should they be interactive? What additional possibilities do passive and digital touch-points present to retailers?


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