Tore Meyer
nuia / 4tiitoo

Strongly rooted in physics and information technology, Meyer focused his studies on Business Administration at the WHU. He is interested in the fusion of business and technology. In 2003, he founded his first startup in the VR space. Then in 2013, he founded 4tiitoo together with Stephan Odörfer to create NUIA, a software for a more intuitive and natural user interaction with a range of devices. Sensor based gaze, gesture and speech recognition are at the core of 4tiitoo’s NUIA software and create better interaction with both today’s PCs, as well as next gen AR & VR devices. In the IoT world of tomorrow, communication with devices has to be as comfortable as communicating with a friend. NUIAs prediction of what a user wants to do next accelerates everyday workplaces in engineering, enterprise resource planning, and many other areas. As CEO of 4tiitoo, Meyer is responsible for the overall long-term direction and the NUIA product lineup.

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