DSS 2020 - The Show

Sebastian Kemmler
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Strategic Director

Sebastian heads up the strategic department at Kemmler Kemmler, ensuring every campaign cuts through the noise and achieves maximum impact. He has worked at the cutting edge of brand, communication and digital strategy for more than 12 years now. As Planning Director at AKQA in both New York and London he devised the strategies behind some of the most awarded digital campaigns of all time: Fiat eco:Drive and Nike Kinect Training. Prior to his time at AKQA, Sebastian served as a Strategic Planner at Jung von Matt and Leagas Delaney for global brands like IKEA, Dyson, The Body Shop and BMW, as well as studying in both Berlin and Cambridge.

Sessions with this speaker

July 30 | 9:35-9:50 | DSS 2020 - The Show
July 30 | 9:50-10:10 | DSS 2020 - The Show
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