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Roland Grassberger
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Roland Grassberger is CEO and head of strategy, innovation and product management at Grassfish Marketing Technologies, a leading European developer of smart store and digital signage solutions for the physical retail space.

Roland has a track record as a successful entrepreneur; in 1998, he sold his company SoftWork, a provider of software for dentists and for patient medical records, to GWI AG (now Agfa Healthcare), the German market leader for hospital software. He took the role of head of development and product management at GWI for several years and subsequently became CEO of medical net AG, a medical data transmission provider and subsidiary of Agfa Healthcare.

In 2001, Roland founded Telion, a provider of voice-based news and notification systems, before establishing Grassfish Marketing Technologies in 2005.

Roland, who is married with 5 children, studied Computer Sciences at the Technical University Vienna and enjoys active leisure pursuits including skiing, cycling and tennis.

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July 30 | 10:25-10:40 | DSS 2020 - The Show
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