Benjamin Valbert
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LANG (Germany)
Director LED & Displays

After an apprenticeship in electrical engineering, I worked as a maintenance engineer in a company that finishes and sterilizes products by using radiation.

During this time, I strived for higher graduation, also in the field of electrical engineering, parallel to my job. I successfully completed this graduation in 2016, 1 year after I joined LANG AG.

At LANG AG, I initially worked as R&D Engineer in the Solutions department which at the time was responsible for special projects and product development. Over time my focus shifted to product management more and more and in 2018 I decided to enter a new and exciting field by joining the LED department.

As Product Specialist LED I took responsibility for a product management team that was quite small at the time.

Today LANG AGs LED and Display departments merged and in addition to a grown product management team, the business fields service and quality assurance for those product groups are also in my responsibility.

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