1. We are bringing together the top three European digital signage integrators

Digital signage has long been dominated by national players. In the past three years a few international players gained an EMEA-wide footprint. The digital signage pure player panel includes leading integrators Trison, ZetaDisplay and M-Cube (Storever). Learn how the market leaders managed the past months, and how large IT integrators and professional service organisations are making inroads into the digital signage market. DSS is the only event to bring the “big guys” together on one table.

29 July | 18:15-18:30 | The Digital Signage Leaders Panel 2020

2. Hear insights from six leading LED Manufacturers

The visualisation market had been lacking innovation recently – but the emergence of CoB LED has changed the narrative. Sony Crystal, Samsung The Wall for Business, Sharp The Canvas – the daughters of the LED Revolution bear pretty names. But is the market ready for mini/micro premium LED? What happens to demand for standard SMD-LED and what impact does LED have on professional displays? LED has undisputed benefits for very large digital canvases, but at what size is the technical and economic tipping point? The LED Panel features leading suppliers of the industry and experienced visual experts.

29 July | 17:30-17:55 | The LED Panel – Ready for the CoB Revolution?

3. Learn from award-winning retail architects

In many projects “digital” and “architecture” are still seen as two separate disciplines. While architects and designers often think of digital as canvases they put on a wall, digital (signage) providers talk about display technologies, players and sensors. In this panel, we will discuss with true “digital architects” what it means to create great spaces and why it is so hard to bridge that gap between design and digital.

30 July | 9:45-10:00 | Digital Architecture Panel

4. Find out about the “Future of Work”

What is the impact of COVID-19 on the digitalisation of work? How does collaboration work, when 10/30/50/70/90% of employees are in the office? How does this affect the relevance and (digital) design of offices? Has COVID-19 only accelerated or fundamentally changed the transformation? Raphael Gielgen, Futurist at vitra, will share his perspective on these questions and will challenge the audience with many more “what ifs”.

30 July | 11:00-11:10 | Smart Office – New Concepts


The best reason to join is access to exclusive insights, concepts for the future and more than 1,000 delegates from across the world. In these challenging times ISE and invidis are devoting this event to the whole industry and to users of digital signage free of charge.