July 29 | 16:12-16:27 | DSS 2020 - The Show
Shopper Behavior - Trends and Solutions for the new normal
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How does Corona affect shopper behavior and how does it impact the customer journey? Which approaches are currently being promoted by large retailers and the role of live shopping. Grey Shoppers is a WPP media holding agency specialized in shopper marketing and brand activation. Trends of interacting with consumers instore and online. One of the trends is social Shopping –  a phenomenal success story in China. Alibaba is not only one of China’s largest online platform but also acquired a department store chain. To promote sales Alibaba connected instore sales associates with consumers at home – via Social Media. The concept of store staff selling live via online platforms has become very popular already before COVID19. Since the outbreak of the epidemic live shopping is even more successful than before. Alibaba managed to drive traffic to the stores by 70%. Now the concept is also gaining traction in the west. The German Digital Signage Agency MuSe Content developed a technical platform, installed all necessary broadcast equipment into a van and is now busy streaming Social Shopping events live from stores across Europe. A fascinating look into complementing business opportunities beyond digital signage.

CEO, Managing Partner, Founder
MuSe (Germany)
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GREY shopper (Germany)
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