July 29 | 17:32-18:02 | DSS 2020 - The Show
AVIXA Power Hour: Digital Solutions for the Reopening
Session Location

Store and office reopenings have sparked a gold rush in the digital signage industry. On the one hand, new rules and regulations for entrance control, and staff and customer / visitor safety has generated demand for digital solutions. On the other hand, retailers have been slow adopt many of these solutions for many reasons, including fear of high investments, or uncertainty about changing regulation. We will discuss some of the most common reopening challenges, (digital) solutions and why or why not these solutions see wide adoption.

Sixteen-Nine (Canada)
SVP Marketing | Retail Practice
Creative Realities (USA)
Moviik (Portugal)
Director Business Developement Retail
Xovis (Switzerland)
Head of Partnermanagement & Consultant
xplace (Germany)
Managing Director
EXACT solutions (Germany)
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