July 29 | 16:27-16:37 | DSS 2020 - The Show
Digital Signage at Zara
Session Location

Zara is the part of Inditex, the world’s largest apparel retailer and front runner in digitization for more than 20 years. The fast fashion market leader was the first retailer to introduce RFID source tagging, gaining full inventory control from the factory to the point of sale. Zara also turned stores into local online delivery hubs. invidis considers Inditex the gold standard for digitization. We have travelled to Spain to gain insights into how Zara uses digital touchpoints, talked to experts, and learned why the secrets of success at Inditex is digital-enabled time to market. An exclusive onsite report.

Managing Director
invidis consulting (Germany)
Trison (Spain)
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer & Strategy
Trison (Spain)
invidis consulting (Germany)
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