July 30 | 12:24-12:34 | DSS 2020 - The Show
Digital Design meets Retail Reality
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Creating and realizing engaging shop concepts seems an easy task on paper. Retail reality proofs that a lot of digital experience is necessary to develop digital touchpoints which create a value-add for the shopper. Legero is an award-winning shoe outlet which recently opened in Austria. We will get an inside look at how digital meets merchandise in a circular store.  Contact-less payment and convenience are driving demand for electronic shelf labels (ESL) in retail. But demand exceeds global supply by far, digital signage integrators and retailers are looking for alternatives. A mixed-use of labels from different manufacturers seems to be a new strategy. But what is necessary to operate a mixed fleet of labels? How do concepts differentiate across various vertical markets? A background talk with Umdasch-Digital Managing Director Bernd Albl about Digital Design meets Retail Reality.

Managing Director Digital Retail Division
umdasch The Store Makers
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