In addition to being Eastern Europe’s largest shoe and leather goods producer, CCC also operates one of the most successful online shops, Just like Zalando & Co, Eobuwie also addresses new target groups beyond the online-savvy youth. London’s retail architects Dalziel & Pow recently developed an innovative retail concept for offline stores, a topic which they will also present in their keynote address at DSS Europe 2018.

The aim of the new concept was to transfer the functionality of the webshop with digital architecture and retail experience into the shopping centres and pedestrian zones into a digitalised, easy-to-shop alternative to traditional shoe stores. The first flagship store was opened in Wroclaw in the spring.

Dalziel & Pow have already implemented store concepts for its parent company CCC, which has more than 70 stores in Germany. The focus was to make as much of the shoe collection available within the store as possible.

Eobuwie’s first offline store is designed to stand out from traditional shoe stores. For one, there aren’t any products displayed within the store, with the product selection process completed via digital touch-points. In a large, semi-open warehouse, all products are stored and brought to customers by employees. This “Free-Flowing Experience” not only represents the online DNA of the retailer, the set up also serves to distinguish Eobuwies from competitors.

To attract the attention of shopping centre visitors, two LCD video walls frame the entrance to the store. In the spacious Arrival area – the so-called Transaction Zone – high tables were integrated with order screens, upon which customers can quickly browse through and order items in the product range. The second part of the store has a more warm and intimate design aimed to make customers feel more at home. The lower ceiling and warmer light have been designed to entice customers into taking the time to sift through the product catalogue.

Running across the walls of the store, the digital signage display band presents content from 450 brands and 40,000 products of the online store. In addition to the checkout area, two additional video walls are integrated into the store layout which replaces classic visual merchandise. The minimised shopping experience of the store has been designed to seamlessly fit into the previously digital customer journey of Eobuwie’s customers.

At DSS Europe, Alastair Kean from Dalziel & Pow will present a global keynote of digital store concepts. The A & P Keynote will take place on the opening day (4 July) at 11:15 am on the Center Stage.

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