DSS – Digital Signage Summit – is back despite COVID-19. We will come back on 29-30 July with DSS 2020 – The Show.

Melding the physical and digital world has always been in our focus, so we have decided to bring together the best of both worlds. A live show with dozens of industry experts and customers, analysing the industry, changes in demand and presenting their market outlook.

Unfortunately, DSS Europe 2020 and most other worldwide DSS conferences have had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But digital signage has never been more valuable for retailers, enterprises and in public spaces than in these fast-changing times.

DSS 2020 – The Show brings together industry experts, technology innovators, (digital) architects and end-customers. In addition, the team has been on the road with camera crews visiting new store formats, talking with industry experts, and discussing the role of digital signage on site. We will provide insights from Zara, Mercedes and BMW retail and showroom concepts, and get insights from one of Europe’s largest food retailers. Not only regarding digital signage but the role of digital, live shopping and analytics in these special times.

invidis will also launch the newest edition of the invidis Yearbook, which is already in its tenth year. It’s packed from front to back with the latest exclusive market research. DSS participants will be the first to get hold of the latest edition.

And best of all: DSS 2020 – The Show will be free of charge. Please join us for this pivotal moment for the digital signage industry.