TKD Media’s Managing Partner and Chairman, Thomas Koch, will take to the stage at DSS Europe 2018 to explore the opportunities that DOOH presents during a session entitled ‘Target Groups are Made of People – and DOOH is Made of Gold’.

The era of digitalisation has caused us to forget that our consumers are people – with feelings and emotions, dreams, desires and fears. Some believe that by using big data we can turn them into buying robots, but the fact is the digital age of media advertising isn’t working. Display and mobile don’t work due to ad blockers, ad fraud, domain-spoofing, programmatic and brand safety issues. Most people hate online ads. Plus, traditional media did not – and will not die.

In the future, effective media solutions will combine target groups, their physical journeys and content suited to fit the individual situation. DOOH is the first mass medium capable of doing the splits. It combines the strengths of traditional media with all the advantages of digital media – to combine creative and media talents.

At DSS Europe 2018, Koch will explain that with DOOH we are back on track to a more effective mix of media and more effective advertising.

Koch is an entrepreneur, publisher, author and consultant, with impressive career that has spanned almost five decades. In 2017, he founded TKD Media as Germany`s first media agency focused on Digital-Out-of-Home.

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