At DSS 2020 – The Show, discover exclusive insights into some of the most interesting digital signage concepts of recent years. DSS is going on-site with in-depth information about the newest Hurtigruten flagship cruise liners filled with digital touchpoints; we discover how digital signage concepts are proving themselves in automotive retail at Mercedes-Benz; and investigate how Zara is using digital signage to add a feel-good atmosphere in these pandemic times.

Hurtigruten | Cruise ship goes digital

Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten is the proud operator of one the most sustainable line-up of cruise ships. The latest vessels not only feature batteries for emission-free cruises in environmentally sensitive regions like the Arctic but also the most advanced digital signage concepts. The lobby LED stretches across all decks, there is a science centre with movable LED and numerous displays in gyms, restaurants and across the ship. We will talk to the project manager of Hurtigruten direct from Oslo Harbour.

Mercedes-Benz | The new global showroom concept – tried and tested 

Automotive showroom concepts look great when initially presented by the brand. But every showroom has a different layout: how does the perfect customer journey adapt in constantly changing showrooms and how much sales uplift does digital signage deliver? For DSS 2020 we visited one of Germany’s most successful Mercedes-Benz dealers and looked behind the scenes to better understand the new MAR2020 showroom concept and how it proves itself in real life.

Zara | Digital in the time of COVID-19 – adding peace of mind and customer confidence

The main strength of digital signage at the point of sale is that it offers a perfect sales uplift and promotion platform. But the new reality has changed today’s challenges. Consumers lack confidence in shopping instore. Facemask requirements add an additional layer of discomfort. Spanish fashion group Inditex acted fast and repurposed large LED walls from promotion to feel-good content. We went to Spain to discover the flexibility and feel-good atmosphere of digital signage in these COVID-19 times.


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