One of this year’s hot topics at DSS Europe was Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) and their impact on Digital Signage. New players in the market include global platform operators such as Adobe and Salesforce.

Preparations for the annual DSS Europe inevitably begin with an intensive discussion regarding which topics and trends present significant changes to the industry. Number one on invidis consulting’s agenda this year was the role of DXPs in a holistic marketing approach.

Since 2018, new providers have been focusing on the Digital Signage market, and major corporate platform operators such as Adobe (Experience Manager), SAP (ERP) and Salesforce (CRM) are closing the last big gap in their portfolios: the offline marketing world.

What is the impact of this, what chance do these global platform operators have in the physical world and what is left for classic digital CMS providers? These questions were discussed during the DXP Panel at DSS Europe.

Impressed by Nino Bergfeld’s Salesforce keynote, in which the retail expert presented a live insight into the platform’s capabilities, Roland Grassberger (Grassfish) and Marco Burkhardtsmayer (Muse Content) were in agreement: customer centricity requires customer-oriented, cross-channel platforms.

Marco Burkhardtsmayer can already draw on his experience with Salesforce DXP integration. The multi-award winning Gemini Project already relies on a tight Salesforce connection. However, thus far only the product database is linked to the CMS, and as a result, data recovery for platform interaction has not yet taken place. All participants agreed that DXP concepts need to be treated as more than one-way streets: all data must flow in both directions without complications.

Adobe admittedly experienced an initial setback with its Digital Signage strategy, but its approach offers immense potential. However, it very different from Salesforce or SAP, which are data-driven. At Adobe, the focus is on cross-channel content creation and production.

It was also interesting to learn how Grassfish is repositioning itself. Just days before the conference, Schmiede, a Viennese company, announced its intention to shift from Digital Signage CMS to a retail experience platform. The panel could not conclusively clarify whether a Digital Signage experience platform (DSXP) – such as the one offered by Grassfish – is sufficient to be competitive with global DXP platforms in the future.

Developments remain exciting and the coming months will show the direction in which the market is developing. There is plenty of room between digital posters and DXP.