The Digital Signage Summit has always been concerned with Digital Signage and applications. One of the most important is Digital-out-of-home. For many years, DooH has been hyped and hopes have been dashed. But times are changing.

Despite the fact that the city of Frankfurt has a lot of issues with DooH and lags behind other big cities, the Main-Metropole is to become a DooH Mecca for two days.

Our keynote speakers demonstrate the potential of DooH in the (digital) daily life of consumers. The combination of various media genres creates effective and far-reaching campaigns. We have invited experts from all over Europe to present the latest industry trends.

Richard Offermann, Ströer Digital / Digital Customer Journey

  • Richard Offermann, Managing Director of Ströer Digital and formerly of Google, presents the role of Digital-out-of-home / public video in the digital customer journey. His keynote will this provide an insight into the potential of DooH from the perspective of the online world. With advertisers booking increasingly directly with Google, Facebook & Co, how can DooH obtain similar budgets?

Thomas Koch / Target Groups Are Made Of People – And DOOH Is Made Of Gold

  • One of the most well-known media personalities in Germany, in his keynote, Thomas outlines why data can’t turn consumers into buying robots. Online advertising has widespread acceptance and technology faces many challenges. The role of classical media is changing – but the relevance of large images in public space remains. DooH is the first medium that connects both worlds.

Andreas Prasse /  Enhancing Passenger Experiences – Digital Storytelling at Global Airports

  • We are very pleased to welcome Wall Deutschland Managing Director Andreas Prasse to the DSS this year. WallDecaux has also achieved a great deal throughout Germany regarding d The Decaux Group is the absolute leader worldwide when it comes to DooH at airports. An exciting keynote demonstrating what is digitally possible. Success Story DooH

Doruk Eker und Daan Krijnen / Augmented Reality Out-of-Home

  • Doruk and Daan present how AR can be integrated into (Digital) out-of-home campaigns. The two have already realised some major campaigns in BeNeLux with an AR kit that has been scaled and proven in practice.

Hoss Khosravi / Visual Art Stockholm / How Do(oH) you DooH?

  • The Swedish company, Visual Art is one of the largest DooH operators in Scandinavia – and looks after all train stations in Sweden. Hoss presents how the role of DooH has changed dramatically in recent years. Data and new technologies enable completely new forms of campaigns across different media platforms, but what potential does DooH have in the future without losing its own soul?

Dr. Ulrich Schoof / Sentibar

  • The start-up from East Westfalia offers new content solutions for DooH companies. Sentibar collects representative surveys on current topics and makes this available for the Digital Signage industry – a Digital Signage statistician of sorts!


In addition, DSS Europe offers dozens of lectures and panel discussions on the technology, operation and concepts of screens at the PoS. For those dealing with DooH, participation in DSS Europe is highly recommended.


Tickets to DSS Europe allows access on both days to the conference and exhibition area, as well as to the evening event on 4 July. Included in the conference ticket price are all beverages, lunch on both days and food and beverages at the evening event. The standard ticket price is €690 (plus VAT). For further information and registration for the event, please visit: