For a few weeks now, a new phenomenon has been sweeping through offices worldwide: Zoom Fatigue. After more than three months of daily web conferences, the business world has rushed ahead with digitalisation. Our daily work would not be possible without Zoom and Teams. But most of us have also experienced the negative consequences. Of course, we miss social contact with our colleagues. But also, most webinars are a plague – uninspired, one-dimensional, and somehow artificial.

It’s the same for us – we can’t watch webinars anymore. Yes, invidis has also offered dozens of webinars, happy hours and power hours for the industry and reached many thousands of experts. But webinars lack authenticity, interaction – and maybe just a piece of normality.

Webinar was yesterday – today is hybrid.

Therefore, we at DSS – the joint venture of ISE and invidis – are daring to do something new. We have decided to bring something established and beloved from the old pre-COVID-19 world into the new normal. Over 15 years, we have organised more than 50 DSS conferences worldwide on site, live and in colour. With tens of thousands of participants on almost every continent. We love direct communication, exchanging ideas with the digital signage industry, and networking.

We have packed much of this – though not all – into a new concept: we call it DSS 2020 – The Show. And for the premiere, participation is free of charge.

We would be happy to welcome the industry again this Wednesday and Thursday. As authentic as you know us from DSS and invidis: lots of exclusive market information, best practice, a look behind the facade of some projects, a critical outlook on 2021 and a lot of invidis yearbook. Yes, the invidis Yearbook 2020 will be published on Wednesday at 18:00 – exclusively for the participants of the conference for download. The rest of the industry will have to wait a few more days.

We are daring to do something new:

  • We are moving to a hybrid studio in Hanover for four days
  • Nearly 60 experts from all over the world – from Singapore, Alaska to Colombia – will be presenting their work. Some of them will be live in the studio
  • invidisXworld – digital signage contributions from three world-class cities: Barcelona, Basel and Heilbronn (OK, only one is world-class)
  • Presentation of four invidis keynotes (Market Development, Retail & Office Trends, COVID-19 Impact and 2021 Outlook)
  • Eight hours of DSS programme, broadcast without one second of repetition. We are not producing this in front of a virtual background or green screen but in front of almost 100 square metres of finest LED
  • Up to five colleagues will manage the chat – yes, you can send questions to the studio and interact with participants
  • Four excellent co-hosts will accompany us. Once again we cannot exclude the possibility that Florian Rotberg will speak too fast (we call this authentic 😊).

We already have over 1,400 registrations, and hope to reach 2,000. So, register now, get drinks and barbecue and join us with your colleagues on Wednesday at 15:00 CET. We are happy to welcome you early as we have a lot of bonus material and our invidis fitness trainer will present a few minutes of exercises for a healthy sitting posture.

We are very much looking forward to the DSS 2020 – The Show and hope to welcome most of the invidis readers. This time there are no excuses not to be part of DSS 2020.