Digital experiences are no longer limited to two-dimensional displays or LED walls. Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) are very much in demand. A well-known digital signage integrator has now replaced an indoor leisure park with a virtual park in the most visited shopping centre in the world.

These days, shopping centres are more than retail-only spaces. That’s why additions like restaurants (F&B) and entertainment (e.g. cinemas) are important to increase visitor frequency and the duration of stay. In the Dubai Mall, the average duration of stay of more than 80 million visitors who visit each year is over three hours. Next to the wide F&B offer, the entertainment elements are decisive factors to this outcome. Elements include: cinema, skating rink, aquarium and – since spring 2018 – a VR/AR park.

Until now, the indoor leisure park – Sega Republic – which features rollercoasters and other rides, was located in the biggest space on the top floor. But because the visitor attractions were limited, digital features were installed.

The development, installation and operation of these features have been carried out by digital signage integrator, DigiComm. The company, working with VR agency INITION London, created several VR experiences. During the course of the project both partners developed a close cooperation which, in the end, resulted in the the acquisition of the agency by the digital signage integrator.

At DSS Europe 2018 in Frankfurt, DigiComm’s Ibrahim Bakhrani will discuss these AR adventures, detailing the background, the answer to how a digital signage integrator became a VR expert, and why VR/AR can be a lot of fun when experienced in groups.

Presentation date and time: 4 July 2018 / 15:00


More than 40 experts and thought-leaders will – through presentations and panel discussions – explore the most important trends and drivers in the international Digital Signage industry. This year, DSS Europe will explore the theme: ‘Digital Storytelling – Changing the Narrative with Digital Signage’.

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