A former cinema turned into a travel agency, an optician merging digital with living walls or a beauty retailer maximising the instore experience – invidis has inspected many digital signage gems, from the well-known to the obscure. DSS 2020 – The Show will present insights and behind-the-scenes looks at fascinating digital signage projects. Digital meets design; electronics is delivering experience; shopping becomes social.

For many years digital signage installations couldn’t be dominating enough in flagship stores around the world. The larger the digital wall the better and aiming for the most attention grabbing content dominating the space. In certain cases this philosophy is still valid, but more and more retailer and architects create concepts where digital touchpoints are adding value to the customer experience and not dominating the point of sale.

We have inspected Zara stores – owned by the world’s largest fashion retailer, Inditex – where the main purpose of digital signage has changed from image videos and sales promotion to offering a safe and comforting shopping environment. Since the outbreak of the COVID19-pandemic shoppers are lacking confidence in visiting stores and touching instore merchandise. Digital Signage plays an integral role in informing consumers about new regulations and instore health measurements but also creating an comforting ambient.

While many in the industry focus on sugar coating with digital, we look behind the scenes and explain how digital signage needs to be seamlessly integrated into customer journeys and store operations. The key trends have not changed despite the crisis, they just gained relevance:  contactless – frictionless – touchless

Digital Signage has never been more valuable than it is today. DSS 2020 – The Show will present best practice and the most effective concepts for the current demanding times. REGISTER HERE FOR FREE