In 15 years DSS Europe has become the world’s leading Digital Signage and DooH conference. Digital Signage Summits (DSS) have been held across the globe (Moscow, Dubai, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Las Vegas/Orlando, Amsterdam/Barcelona): in total 50 conferences with far more than 10,000 delegates combined.

Unfortunately, this year we have had to cancel all but one conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the industry and especially commercial users of digital signage are highly interested in updated information and how digital touchpoints and platforms can improve the new retail, corporate or media reality. Digital Signage has never been more useful than today, as information requirements and regulations are changing rapidly.

Therefore, we have decided to present DSS 2020 – The Show on 29-30 July 2020: a two-day online conference covering the latest Digital Signage trends, best practice, and innovations in the post-COVID-19 reality. The conference format (four-hour programme on both days) will be adapted to the online habits and mindsets of delegates at their home or office desk.

Besides keynotes, panel discussions and best practice presentations, the DSS team – a JV of ISE organiser Integrated Systems Events and invidis consulting – will present offsite reports and interviews from Barcelona and elsewhere. Barcelona is also the new home of ISE – the world’s largest annual ProAV and Digital Signage show, premiering at its new home in February 2021.

For the past ten years DSS Europe has been also the launch event for the invidis digital signage & DooH yearbook. The “bible of the industry” is a free guide with exclusive listings and insight analysis. The latest 2020 yearbooks will also be launched and free to download at DSS 2020 – The Show on 29 July.

Attendance will be free-of-charge to enable maximum participation (registration required). Most of the several thousand attendees will come from EMEA, but we also expect a considerable share from the Americas. The first day is programmed in the afternoon (CET) to enable the American audience to participate. The second day starts in the morning (CET) to make it convenient for APAC delegates to attend.

Since the outbreak of the crisis invidis has held dozens of C-level sessions for the DACH market, EMEA and the Americas, feeling the pulse of the industry during the crisis.

Of course, we will discuss the impact of COVID-19, but we will also look beyond the news buzz into the more fundamental changes for the industry. With speakers and panellists from a multitude of functional and vertical backgrounds we will identify shifts in behaviours and will find new opportunities leading us to the “new normal”.

Therefore, this year’s conference topic will be “Digital Experiences for the New Normal – challenges and opportunities for retail, corporate and public spaces”.

During the two-day programme we will

  • Give a Digital Signage market update and outlook with latest sales figures
  • Discuss Corona reopening and operational challenges
  • Cover key tech developments like LED and the future of touch
  • Take a look at innovations from green signage to live shopping
  • Show many best practice examples of top retailers like Mercedes or Zara
  • Take you to Barcelona on our invidisXworld tour