DooH and retail media are hot topics in the industry right now. While demand for advertising on linear TV is falling and is stagnating online and on mobile, DooH and retail media are booming. DooH benefits from unobstructed visibility in public spaces, while retail media benefits from attribution and real-time data at point of sale.

DSS Europe 2024 features experts from DooH, retail media, and agencies (programmatic, media, and creative) discussing best practice, trends and challenges. While DooH and retail media look very similar from the outside, their processes, ownership and business models differ completely. Where does DooH end and retail media start? Are EV chargers with screens the new mobile? What is the impact of ePaper for Out-of-Home?

2024 is probably the most exciting year for DooH and retail media. DSS Europe brings the European industry together to weigh, assess and evaluate the trends.    

Sessions in the DOOH & Retail Media stream include:

  • Best of Global DooH Campaigns
  • invidis DooH and Retail Media Keynote – Hype or True Growth
  • Retail Media in Store – Why it is different to Online / Mobile
  • What’s in Store for Retail Media?
  • Disrupting the DooH World
  • DooH between Scale and Iconic
  • What Fuels EV Charging?
  • The ePaper revolution in DooH
  • Retail Media in Practice – Real life experience from Sainsbury, ASDA, Spar and others
  • The Rise of Programmatic
  • Targeting Audiences – Content, AI, and Data

Expert speakers on DOOH & Retail Media at DSS Europe 2024 will include:

  • Uli Benker, Head of Marketing, Numbat
  • Jean-Charles Figoni, CEO, idklic/Stratacache
  • Fritz Frey
  • Dimitri Gärtner
  • Henrik Hansen
  • Richard Hutchinson
  • Andreas Lind
  • Iman Nahvi
  • Sebastian Op Het Veld
  • Lars Peters
  • Magdalena Pusch
  • Alexandra Rinne
  • Christopher Samsinger
  • Jan Schwark, Vice President DooH, Jolt
  • Thomas Tennagels
  • Kai Thäsler
  • Diederick Ubels
  • Marvin Vacquier Droop
  • Radjen van Wilsem

Instore Retail Media Networks are the latest hype since Amazon, Walmart, Rewe & Co are reporting billions of Euro revenues. DSSE 2024 will provide insights into RMN trends, best practice and will separate wishful thinking from realistic market potential.

Retail Media Networks enable retailers to monetize their stores based on real time data – from customer behavior analysis to check-out data. But shopper marketing is still lacking standards and transparent metrics for retailers, brands and consumers. While the number of omnichannel retail media networks is growing rapidly – Deloitte currently tracks 120 relevant retail media networks worldwide – many retailers, brands and the digital signage and dooh industry are still struggling to develop tailored business cases.

DSSE 2024 will provide global insights and strategic avenues for the supply and demand side. Join us for an unbiased look into Retail Media.

Stefan Schieker


Market & Trends Speakers include:


Alan Kaufman

Dynascan Technology


Anders Olin



Stewart Caddick



Dave Haynes


Head of Professional Displays and Solutions

Rik Willemse



Jean-Pierre Overbeek



Martijn van der Woude



Rick Mills


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