Explore the latest  in sustainability at the Green Signage Showcase

Demand for more sustainable solutions is pushing green signage up the priority list from nice-to-have to essential. That’s why Digital Signage Summit Europe is featuring a special Green Signage Showcase, dedicated to solutions that save energy, conserve natural resources or otherwise help to nurture the planet.

The solutions featured range from energy-saving displays to power switches, from display cases to software.

Here’s what you can see at the Green Signage Showcase at DSS Europe:

Signage OSCloudControlDevice management for any device, real-time monitoring, tailored for digital signage networks
SONYBRAVIA FW-65BZ40LSustainability features of the 700nit BZ40L series include incorporation of Sony’s SORPLAS recycled plastics, efficient manufacturing, optimized packaging, energy efficiency, and automatic brightness control
Google Chrome FlexChromeOS FlexThe cloud-first, fast, easy-to-manage and secure operating system for PCs and Macs. ChromeOS Flex is a sustainable way to modernise devices that you already own.
PPDSPPDS WaveThe evolutionary cloud ecosystem unlocking the power, versatility and intelligence of your Philips professional display fleet
PPDSPhilips Tableaux 5150 ePaperA 32in full colour ePaper signage display, running on the ‘revolutionary’ E Ink Spectra 6 platform
First Impression AudiovisualFairframeFairframe ultra-lightweight display casing is crafted from sustainable Scandinavian wood. It not only features full recyclability but also holds FSC and PEFC certifications.
Samsung ElectronicsSamsung Crystal UHD Smart Signage QH55CThe slimmest display in Samsung’s UHD Signage range. Dynamic Crystal Color offers one billion shades
VisionectPlace & Play 32”A ready-to-use, 32-inch large-format digital signage display – wireless, energy-efficient and battery-powered – with smooth readability
Sharp NECLed-RPS-CL-RThis Remote Power Switch adds remote power control to any LED wall – eliminating standby power loss, and also limiting the inrush current
AbsenKLCOB1.2MicroLED display offering high contrast, surface strength, greater energy efficiency and lower failure rate
LED StudioEDGE SeriesIndoor fine pitch LED display. V1 Architecture enables the display to be upgraded at any point, retaining internal cabinet components and infrastructure
DynaScanDK Series Outdoor KiosksOutdoor kiosks featuring multi-technology integration that can seamlessly integrate various display technologies, including LCD, LED, LED tickers, and ePaper
CingerineCingerine Digital SignageThe innovative Cingerine digital signage system plays on hundreds of screens at DooH and retail locations as well as in cinemas and festivals throughout Switzerland and abroad
BroadsignGS SoftwareBroadsign follows the Green Software Foundation’s Principles of Sustainable Software Engineering. This involves, among other things, building applications that are carbon-, energy- and hardware-efficient

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