DooH Live Campaign: A Chip Off the Old Block

In Belgium, Food Retailer Delhaize has made use of Clear Channel’s DooH network for a real-time campaign. Communicative goal: the fruit is as fresh as it was when it was plucked from the tree.

In the Belgian market, Delhaize is one of the largest and most established supermarket chains. The independent mother of Delhaize Group has since joined Ahold in July 2016, the Dutch mother of Albert Heijn. Since then, a total of 22 brands in 11 countries over three continents have been managed under the umbrella of Ahold Delhaize NV, based in Zaandam (NL).

The merger generated a retail giant with an annual turnover in 2015 of around 60.8 billion Euros. In the same year, 1.23 billion Euros were earmarked. In Belgium, the various umbrella companies of Ahold Delhaize earned more than 4.9 billion Euros in the 2015 calendar year. Before the merger, the chains employed a total of 377,000 employees (according to data from 2014).

In general, the retail chains, which are grouped under the collective umbrella organisation, are regarded as innovative – a fact that is reflected in the early and widespread use of self-service systems at the point of sale, store concepts and various digitalisation projects. Even with regards to the use of media for advertising purposes, the group isn’t shying away from trying new technologies.

Ahold Delhaize recently set up a Digital-out-of-Home campaign with a live component for Delhaize’s supermarket chain in Belgium. The communicative goal was to show that regional products – in this case fruit – can be brought quickly from the field and presented freshly on the table of the fruit counter in store: in one working day. The real-time campaign ran in the French-speaking and the Dutch-speaking parts of Belgium, and was as a result localised in several languages (we were unable to find out whether there was also a German-speaking variant for the corresponding corner of Belgium).

The Brussels-based creative agency, Air (a company which has already covered various cool DooH campaigns and has also had to deal with difficult topics in the digital medium) was responsible for the creation of the campaign, which ran alongside DooH on the channel online with live feeds. According to the agency, 122 digital billboards were booked across Belgium. The specialists of the French service provider B-Stream were responsible for video production and CDN delivery.



Image: screenshot invidis

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