Interactive Digital Signage: An ebay Pop up with Face Recognition in London

ebay recently installed a two-day temporary pop up store in London with interactive touch screens. Biometric and face recognition technology was used to personalise the goods on offer.

For Black Friday, ebay installed a small pop-up store on London’s Oxford Street for two days, using light wave detection technology.

Firstly, a distinction was made between genders. Depending on whether a male or female person stood in front of the touch screen, initial offers were shown according to this initial pre selection. These were refined with analysis of people’s moods which were recognised by the system.

More or less happy looking customers who were fixed for a relatively long period of time on the products were considered to be particularly interested. As the process was repeated, the system was able to detect which products proved particularly popular with punters. A selection of these products identified by the system as especially desirable were sent to consumers via e-mail.

With this test, ebay used Interactive Digital Signage as well as Retail Technology to offer personalised and targeted offers. A total of four cabins were installed in which customers could get information, with the surrounding area designed with ambient lighting and projection.



Image: ebay

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