invidis consulting

invidis consulting provides support in all matters relating to Digital Signage and Digital out of Home.

Headquartered in Munich, invidis consulting GmbH is one of the leading European consulting companies for Digital Signage and Digital out of Home.

This is primarily down to the employees who know the market in detail. The Digital Signage market was still in its infancy when invidis consulting was founded by Florian Rotberg and Oliver Schwede in 2006. The company was quick to recognise the potential of Digital Signage and soon began specialising in it as an IT consultancy.

invidis consulting has now been operating in the market for more than nine years. Unlike other IT consultants, the company defines Digital Signage as a means of communication. From that perspective, Digital Signage needs a communication strategy, a concept and the technology to match. The medium is therefore looked at holistically.
invidis consulting has meanwhile established a permanent base of seven employees in total and is supported by freelance consultants, editors, graphic artists, programmers and partners.

The core team is made up of consultants, analysts, market researchers, engineers, system architects, project managers as well as marketing and communication specialists who have different focal areas of consulting and qualifications and can be assembled into teams to meet the customer’s needs for the project in question.

invidis consulting’s employees have an excellent knowledge of the Digital Signage and Digital out of Home market and play an active part in shaping it. The company is one of the founding members of the industry association OVAB Europe and for years has been committed to establishing standards, which were successfully introduced last year.


Christine Koller
invidis consulting GmbH
Rosenheimer Str. 145e
81671 München
Ph: +49 89 2000 416-17
Fax: +49 1805 5224 301
Mobil: +49 151 46 330 306

Image: invidis consulting 2015:
Daniel Russell, Thomas Kletschke, Theresa Amann, Oliver Schwede, Jörg Sailer, Christine Koller, Florian Rotberg (l to r)
(Image: Anette Mayerhofer)

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